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December Horoscope Cancer June 21-July 22

December lightens things considerably. You are not nearly as vulnerable as last month. You are more playful. You express yourself easily and you manage to inspire and motivate others. You receive some positive information about your career and your financial status. Meanwhile, you are considering some big changes in these areas of your life. You […]


December Horoscope Gemini May 22-June 20

This month awakens you to many of the underlying factors that influence your career and personal life. You are highly intuitive; you experience strange and vivid dreams; and you gain insights that border on psychic premonitions. At the same time, you continue to be vulnerable in the emotional area. Any kind of criticism can devastate […]


December Horoscope Taurus April 20-May 21

 This month brings progress as well as some turmoil.  Your career offers opportunities that should be taken advantage of, but you may also be wondering if you want to continue on the path you have chosen.  A change of course may be taking shape.  You may want to focus more on the ideas you had […]


December Horoscope Aries March 21-April 19

December shifts the focus to relationships and all affairs of the heart. Co-workers are demanding, not only in work-related matters, but also in personal areas. You may catch some flack, or become involved in conflicts that don’t appear to have anything to do with you. All your tact and diplomacy are needed to maintain harmony in […]


Clairvoyance – Voluntary And Involuntary Clairvoyance

The direct translation of the word clairvoyance is clear sight.It is defined as the ability to perceive or even see with the minds eye something that is going on in a remote location without any previous knowledge of the event. Most paranormal professionals and enthusiasts believe that psychic ability resides (albeit unlocked) within every human […]


Listening Within: The Awakening Of Intuition

We live at a time when the capacity to hear Gods voice speaking within heart and mind has become greater, due to the intensification of light within the physical plane. As a result, even for those who have wandered far away from a spiritual path, the way back is more possible than ever before given […]


Destiny and Free Will – The Hidden Secrets

Working as a psychic medium and healer I meet many people from all walks of life- from pop stars and pa’s, princes and paupers, the wise and the not so wise. As well as the usual “what’s going to happen” advise, I specialize in reading, guiding and teaching people who are undergoing the most major […]


Being Happier in 2014

Do you tend to put yourself first? Start thinking about others. You could for instance spend more time with family and friends, help the people who matter to you or do something for your community or a cause by volunteering. Helping others is a very rewarding activity: it will give you a sense of worth […]


Tarot Card Reading Australia

One of my FAQs is, “How often should I have a Tarot Card reading?” There is no general answer. It depends on your purpose – what type of reading you are having and the way you are using it. If you are looking for some indication about what is happening in general in the future, […]


Karma & Meditation

The Karma lives with us, the karma is part of our lives from the very moment of our birth to the moment of our death, because every time that we do something and even every time that we stop doing something, that generates karma, and you cannot avoid it in any way. Of course   that […]

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