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Free Horoscopes For March 2014 Taurus

It is a time to be careful in all financial matters. Issues involving money take center stage. More people go bankrupt or make a killing during this period than with almost any other number combination. Now, especially, you are required to balance the material and the spiritual. If you are considering a major purchase that […]


Free Horoscopes For March 2014 Aries

This month finds you more inwardly focused. Self-reflection and contemplation bring spiritual clarity and growth. At the same time, your career improves and you manage to impress important people. Doors that have been closed open and offer access to opportunities. Financially, this month may also show some progress but the emphasise is more on opportunities […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Pisces

February brings progress as well as some turmoil. Your career offers opportunities that should be taken advantage of, but you may also be wondering if you want to continue on the path you have chosen. A change of course may be taking shape. You may want to focus more on the ideas you had at […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Aquarius

This month shifts the focus to relationships and all affairs of the heart. Co-workers are demanding, not only in work-related matters, but also in personal areas. You may catch some flack, or become involved in conflicts that don’t appear to have anything to do with you. All your tact and diplomacy are needed to maintain […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Capricorn

This month brings confidence, independence, and individuality. Now, you are driven to take up new challenges, tackle new projects, and get a firm grip on your life. You have energy to spare and you use this to inspire and motivate others. You feel that there is nothing you can’t deal with. You are ambitious and […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Sagittarius

This month marks the beginning of the end of a certain era in your life. Now you begin to let go of certain expectations you have long held. There is a feeling of emptiness and of “what now?” The time has not yet come to respond to these feelings in a practical way. Now is […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Scorpio

This is a month with great potential for your career and finances, especially to increase your finances for the long-term. It is a time to be aggressive and outspoken. Your authority is needed and you will have to apply yourself one hundred percent. However, there is another side to this month. You may feel that […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Libra

The emphasis changes from outgoing to inward seeking. You are more serious now and self-reflective. You question the wisdom of some of your decisions and choices made during the past ten to twelve months. You keep to yourself, and are generally less social. You are engrossed in your work and feel a need to do […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Virgo

It is an excellent time for business and financial affairs. Respect and recognition for past efforts is followed by financial gain or promotion. You are in a position to ask and receive what you believe to be your due. However, you may find that you are not as diplomatic as you might be. This is […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Leo

This month brings changes and unexpected events. There isn’t much use in planning too much this month, because much will happen unexpectedly. This is a hectic and dynamic month. Go with the flow; be flexible; and trust your instinct. If you are able to adapt to the unpredictable events of this month, your experience will […]

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