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Over many years I’ve been fortunate enough to channel my understanding and insight so that it has helped many people improve not only the emotional connection and attraction they share with others, but also the quality, strength, and depth of lasting relationships and success in life. I have always felt that I made the right decision to do whatever it took to help others learn how to be successful in relationships, find their spiritual path, and heal themselves after being hurt.

Some people like to say that when you meet the right person you will know, and that everything will fall into place. But that’s the exception, not the rule. If you’re like most people in the world, you know that Life, Relationships, Love and especially commitment, take a lot more than just luck and timing- although that is part of it. The good things in life, such as meeting people you value and trust, don’t always happen in the way that you want them to. Maintaining meaningful and fulfilling connections in your life requires work and commitment.

I can help you to think positively about your present situation, learn as much as you can, and set out to do something in small realistic steps. which will only help you to grow. You have the chance to learn insights that have taken me years to develop, and make all the difference in your life today.


Hi Tony,

I was concerned about having a reading, as I had been worried about several issues for some time, but you put me at ease right away.

You gave me the advice that I needed, made me aware of both the good point and bad points, and in the end, did the best reading that I have ever had. I highly recommend your services for anyone who wants a professional reading done with care and understanding, in a truthful and insightful way.

Tonya, Perth, Western Australia.


I would like to show my gratitude to you as I become more and more enlightened and going deep within myself after having had a readings with you.I really don’t have the words to say to put my feelings and the clarity of understanding that I’m getting from your clear readings.

Thanks a lot Tony. Now I’m more committed to inner success as well as outer success in my life.I am truly grateful. You have such a wonderful voice over the phone Thank you so much.

Dianna, Sylvannia, Sydney N.S.W.


Thank you so much for your truth and honesty…it means so much to me. I am glad that I finally have a DEFINITE answer to my issues. Now, I can try and cope and hopefully get better.

Theresa, Wellington, New Zealand

Hello Tony,

I felt that I just had to E-mail you about this, Thought I would share my good news with you as you said to be careful if I wasn’t trying.I found out this weekend that My Boyfriend is coming back to live here.

I will keep you updated and let you know if things turn out to be really positive, you are so accurate Tony,. Thank you so much,

Love Cheryl, Adelaide South Australia

Hi Tony,

Your reading has been very useful. I am now a bit calmer about the next few uncertain months.I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A few of my friends may contact you in the next few days or weeks for a reading.

You are so right about everything you said – you could not have been more accurate about my work situation. I am so pleased. Thank you!

Marion, Melbourne Australia

Hello Tony-

Thank you so much for my last personal reading…it really gave me hope…and hope that I REALLY needed. Thanks again!

Your reading room is just so pleasant, it has a really nice atmosphere. You are fantastic, awesome – you really do help people. I hope you know that. But I am sure you do!

Julianne, Lidcombe, Sydney Australia

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