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Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Virgo

It is an excellent time to inspire and motivate others. Your enthusiasm is contagious and no obstacle is too great to overcome. You have little patience this month and would like everything to go much faster. Your mind goes at high speed but may scatter your energies. You will be all too willing to cut […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Leo

 Your intuition and sensitivity are heightened. You are much more aware of feelings, your own as well as those of others. This may cause you to make mountains out of mole-hills, however. Still, you possess the ability to gently guide others, and to maintain harmony even in potentially discordant situations. The result is that you […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Cancer

You experience an increase in inner strength, independence, and individuality. Your health improves. You are more emotionally stable and ready to aggressively pursue your goals. This is also the time to bring about practical changes that you have long contemplated as essential to your health and happiness. This time of year inspires smokers to quit, […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Gemini

August promises some important changes, in which much wrapping up of old business, habits, and personal relationships are finally put to rest. This month represents the concluding stage of this period. The last quick sweep of outdated concepts and expectations, confusions and doubts is done. With the beginning of next month, your inner house will […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Taurus

Career and finances are at the top of all your priorities. Work hard and wisely. Combine practicality and vision. This is not the time to sit and stare into space, but to be on your toes, to keep your eyes wide open, and refrain from taking any unnecessary risks. For professional gamblers, this can be […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Aries

August offers time and opportunity for contemplation and insight. Career and romance do not require as much attention as your own inner need to understand your motivations and desires. Don’t make the mistake of feeling guilty for not carrying your load, or for not working hard enough. This is a month to set aside time […]


Free Horoscopes For July 2014 Pisces

July may introduce some emotional turmoil due to a relationship gone awry. A friend or co-worker has let you down. Your trust has been damaged and you realise that this is not just a temporary disappointment but the conclusion of the relationship. While you have reason to be angry, you should avoid self-righteousness. You may […]


Free Horoscopes For July 2014 Aquarius

July promises to be rewarding financially as well as in other areas of life. There is a catch: It is essential to take care of details, to be reliable, and to keep things organised. If you allow yourself to get sloppy in any of these areas, the results could be disastrous. You should find ample […]


Free Horoscopes For July 2014 Capricorn

This month should bring some significant changes in your outlook. Indeed, the month is filled with the mystery of life. You are aware that you are developing spiritually. This is not a good time to deny important issues in your life, or be superficial about significant matters. Your dreams are vivid and if you take […]


Free Horoscopes For July 2014 Sagittarius

July brings an increase in responsibility and workload. You receive recognition for your efforts and abilities, and probably a financial increase, as well. Perhaps even more important is the role friends and family play during the period. Loyalty and a willingness to sacrifice time and energy to your loved ones are needed. You, in turn, […]

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