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Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Scorpio

This is a month with great potential for your career and finances, especially to increase your finances for the long-term. It is a time to be aggressive and outspoken. Your authority is needed and you will have to apply yourself one hundred percent. However, there is another side to this month. You may feel that […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Libra

The emphasis changes from outgoing to inward seeking. You are more serious now and self-reflective. You question the wisdom of some of your decisions and choices made during the past ten to twelve months. You keep to yourself, and are generally less social. You are engrossed in your work and feel a need to do […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Virgo

It is an excellent time for business and financial affairs. Respect and recognition for past efforts is followed by financial gain or promotion. You are in a position to ask and receive what you believe to be your due. However, you may find that you are not as diplomatic as you might be. This is […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Leo

This month brings changes and unexpected events. There isn’t much use in planning too much this month, because much will happen unexpectedly. This is a hectic and dynamic month. Go with the flow; be flexible; and trust your instinct. If you are able to adapt to the unpredictable events of this month, your experience will […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Cancer

It is a time of hard work, progress, and opportunity. As with most of this year, the focus in February is on career and finances. There may well be a great opportunity that comes your way. This opportunity offers all kinds of changes, such as a move of residence (either in June, or in or […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Gemini

The events inspire creativity and optimism, as well as a need for flexibility and adaptability. It could bring financial challenges and problems. If this is the case, February is the most challenging time of the year. It is a testing time that forces you to confront your lifestyle and your priorities. With the right adjustments, […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Taurus

The month demonstrates how you can sometimes make more progress and be more successful by staying in the background than by forcing the issue. February gives you ample opportunity to influence others, to make them listen to your ideas, even to inspire them to do things your way. You are tactful and sensitive, yet also […]


Free Horoscopes For February 2014 Aries

Now things begin to speed up. Unlike last month, you now feel full of energy and enthusiasm. In fact, you’re impatient to start new projects, and must guard against impulsive decisions. Your career and financial affairs are the areas of your life that require the most attention. There are great opportunities as well as potential […]


Free Horoscopes For January 2014 Pisces

January offers the chance to strengthen your foundation in life. You pay close attention to the needs of your family and circle of friends. You are serious and responsible in all matters related to career and receive recognition and respect for that. Financially, this could be a good month with an unexpected reward coming sometime […]


Free Horoscopes For January 2014 Aquarius

This month brings opportunity and change. You may be asked to go on a trip related to work or business. This trip is unexpected but will bring very positive results. Another possibility is that you are offered a transfer and promotion. Either way, there will be changes in your environment. Now is the time to […]

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