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Free Horoscopes September 2014 Cancer

You are extremely perceptive during the month of September. Dreams are full of insight, and seemingly irrational and creative ideas should be examined seriously. Your most powerful asset right now is your inner antenna that is picking up vibrations that escape others. Your relationship with co-workers is fragile, but this is due largely to your […]


Free Horoscopes September 2014 Gemini

There is a feeling of rebirth, excitement and brightness in the air. This wipes away the last residues of last month’s gloominess and self-doubt. You want a change, a challenge, some goal toward which you can direct your enthusiasm. Well, that’s what this month will bring. A new project, career change, something new. Keep in […]


Free Horoscopes September 2014 Taurus

This is a month to take care of loose ends. Relationships that have been rocky of late will be worked out and deepened, or separated entirely. Actually, this is a testing period for relationships in all areas of your life. Work with issues quietly and patiently. At the same time, it is an excellent period to […]


Free Horoscopes For September 2014 Aries

Now the time is ripe to reach out and receive some of the fruits of your labours. It is a harvesting time, but the rewards are still dependent upon good relations with co-workers. Ask for a promotion, or a raise. Let those in the right positions know that you value the recognition and respect they […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Pisces

The combination leads to powerful self-discoveries and intuitive perceptions. It is a highly spiritual time, causing you to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Your focus is inward. You find yourself contemplating the mystery of your own existence, your purpose in life, and your direction. You find yourself taking time off to […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Aquarius

Matters of the heart come to the foreground. Romance is now at the top of your list of opportunities. On the other hand, the month brings instability to outdated relationships, and some may end. You become aware of the need to let go of certain people, although final good-byes may not occur until September or […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Capricorn

This month brings some relief from the frustration of last months efforts to keep track of the details. This month will be hectic with some unexpected changes. Don’t try to plan everything down to its final detail. Instead, be flexible and adapt to whatever comes your way. The expression “being in the flow”, is instructive […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Sagittarius

You will realise early this month that progress depends upon your willingness to work diligently and remain focused on details. You feel capable and confident, but as your effort increases — and the hours pile up — you may become frustrated with the slow response of others. Keep your nose to the grindstone, and if […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Scorpio

This month brings you optimism and energy. The drive and enthusiasm that emerged during the second half of last year is still with you. There is also a sense of inner change and there may be some emotional ups and downs. You’re aware of your need for support, cooperation, and advice. This month, you find […]


Free Horoscopes For August 2014 Libra

This month brings opportunity and frustration. Stay focused on your goals and work hard. It is an excellent month for career with much opportunity for progress, due partly to last month’s optimism and enthusiasm. You have impressed people, some of whom are now ready to offer you the proverbial carrot. There is a hitch; you […]

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