Developing Your Psychic Abilities and Understanding Of The Tarot

There are many ways which you can use to understand the Tarot as you develop your psychic insights through your gradual understanding of the Tarot’s secrets and power. Meditation on each card, or groups of cards, will allow you to investigate the archetypal nature of each one. By developing an understanding of each card you will be able to see their individual nature reflected in yourself. Use individual cards as images to serve as Psychic gateways through which you can explore particular aspects of your own unconscious mind.

The Key To Tarot Techniques

The key to these techniques is through knowledge comes understanding and then empowerment. Use your knowledge of the Psychic Tarot to access and understand different elements of yourself and change them as necessary.

The Tarot cards may be used to analyse particular elements of any current situation. The archetypal units in the deck serve as a psychic counseling aid – describing your situation and offering information as well as solutions to your concerns or problems.

Use Tarot Insights For Your Past and Future

The divinatory use of the Tarot is a complex issue and requires work to perfect, but there is no reason why the Tarot should not be used to examine your psychic past and future. It is vital to maintain an objective position. Don’t distort or alter what the cards say, or to allow your intuition to tell you what you would like to hear.

There is no need to be afraid or fearful of the cards and the messages that they convey in the spread. Your confidence and spirituality are as important as your intution of the cards psychic energies. Reading the Tarot for other people requires skillful application of your insights and energies, by understanding yourself and developing an objective attitude you will find learning the Tarot for divining or any other psychic ability much easier to develop.

The techniques in these exercises form the basis for using the Tarot to assist your own development. As you become more familiar with your own deck, you will be able to develop your own methods and also able to adapt those given here to suit your own way of working in a Tarot reading.

Learn More About You Through The Tarot

The exercises have various purposes but involve little preparation. All you need is your Tarot deck, and time to undertake them. They can, and should, be repeated so you will learn something new every time. Record all information, or impressions. As you develop and learn more, study from other sources, and learn more about yourself during your journey.

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