Entering The Psychic Tarot World

The next day, take out the Tarot card you have already talked to. Place it in front of you, focus on it, and once again relax your body and mind. As you observe the Tarot card let your mind empty. Let out the tension, the frustration of daily life, and look at the card and visualise it as a Psychic window through which you can see a scene in the distance.

Feel Relaxed Warm and Safe With The Tarot Experience

Imagine that you are walking towards the window and into the Tarot card. Feel the sensation of your own movement – floating along rather than walking – and be aware that you are entering the archetypal Psychic world of the card you have selected. As you pass through the perimeter of the card you feel a warm glow – and reassure yourself that you are relaxed, calm and safe.

Become Aware Of The Sights and Sounds Of The Tarot

Stand before the image in the Tarot card. Be aware of its sights, sounds and smells. Be aware and listen. The figure in the card may begin to speak, you may hear words in your own head, and become aware of the answers to your questions forming in your consciousness.

Enjoy Psychic Energy and Warmth

Once you have got the maximum experience from the session, feel yourself drifting back, away from the images in the card. Open your eyes and spend a few moments relaxing, and taking in all the Psychic energies and warmth of the experience.

See and Feel The Psychic Imagery Around You

If you are a visually orientated person you may be very conscious of the imagery around you. You may have a series of definite Psychic feelings but little imagery. Eat or drink a little to return your mind and body firmly to the conscious level of experience. You may find a slight drop in your body temperature, so have a warm room for your practice.

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