How Accurate Are Past Life Memories?

Past life memories can at times be fragmentary or incomplete. Although at times the regression can be quite clear or specific regarding times and dates, or the place being described and its outstanding features or surroundings, there are other times when inconsistencies or vagueness are apparent. This however does not cancel out or challenge the truth of these past life regressions. There are always several factors to be taken into consideration when looking at the validity of past life regressions.

The level of trance achieved will greatly influence the accuracy of the past life regression. The more emerged the client is in the regression then the more vivid and detailed the regression will be. As with childhood memories, if the memory is not strong, then the details or overall image may be blurred or indistinct. Therefore, imagination will often take over to fill in the gaps in memory. Your mind will often perceive wholeness out of incomplete fragments when going through past life regressions.

There can often be confusion caused by two past lives being recalled at the same time. You can often find yourself moving back and forth or between two past lives during the regression. These two lives may have Karmic connections, even through they might be quite different in other areas. To someone who doesn’t understand past life regressions, it may appear as if the person undergoing regression is inventing the information that is coming forth from them.

Also, a person’s conscious mind can often recall details from previous regressions or what has been indicated to them by someone else in another situation. You can regress to a certain time and place because you may have learned from another divinatory source such as a Psychic reader or a Numerologist or Astrologer, about this type of past connection. These insights will often create a need to seek the truth regarding this type of prediction, which can cause further confusion or contamination of a current past life regression. You may also do further research after a regression session, and the knowledge gained by this can also influence further regression experiences.

It is also possible that the therapist controlling the session will refer to another person or event that would be unknown at the time of the past life, but would be known by the client’s conscious and unconscious mind in their present life, and so this is incorporated into the information in the regression. This would become apparent later when the regression was being analyzed, and so the accuracy of the regression could be brought into question if this aspect was not kept in mind.

So like memories in general, memories of past life experiences can never be 100% accurate. The inconsistencies mentioned above will often occur, but they do not explain away or devalue the past life regression experience. The therapeutic aspect of the regression will not be affected by this, so the session overall will be of value to benefit to the client. If you are undertaking a past life regression for historical purposes, then inconsistencies can cause some doubt when it comes to the details, but not to the overall message of the regression.

Past life regression is a technique like dream analysis or free association. The difference is that it is often easier to understand for both the client and the therapist. If you believe in past lives, then the therapist should treat the your experience as real. If you don’t believe in past lives, then the experience can be seen as a metaphor for your current life.

There will be times when you need to understand the cause of your problems. Not knowing the cause can be unsettling. Once you know the cause, you feel more able to deal with the problem. Does it really matter if the cause of your problem is found in their past or their present life? No, the most important thing is for you to understand the cause, then you will be more willing to deal with the problem.

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