November Horoscopes Aries/Taurus

Aries March 21-April 19

This month brings change, excitement, and possibly a financial boost. The month brings movement, travel, a change of residence or office, perhaps. You will receive a letter or phone call from someone close to you whom you haven’t heard from in some time. This month should be light and playful. Try not to take things too seriously. You may have a tendency to misread others, to be a little insensitive and short on tact.

Avoid confrontations in personal matters as well as those related to work. As long as you are upbeat and supportive, friendship and social events are favorable. As was the case with earlier of this year, this month may also find you in the mood to indulge yourself. Moderation may be hard to maintain, but it’s still the best advice.

Taurus April 20-May 21

This month stabilizes your work-environment, but requires that you work on your relationships and family affairs. You will be in the unique position to counsel and support someone in your circle of friends and family with immediate and positive result. It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of this year for you.

 A promotion or a raise are possible, as is an increase in your workload. This month is good for business and financial affairs, particularly for long-term planning and investment. If you are involved in legal affairs, the time is right to surge ahead. Romance is also favorable. Commitments bring stability. For those who have become involved in a relationship during the course of this year, this is a good month to exchange vows. The holidays bring family and friends together, for much love and the rewards of the season.

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