November Horoscopes Libra/Scorpio

Libra September 23-October 23

This month may introduce some emotional turmoil due to a relationship gone awry. A friend or co-worker has let you down. Your trust has been damaged and you realize that this is not just a temporary disappointment but the conclusion of the relationship. While you have reason to be angry, you should avoid self-righteousness. You may want to remember that you are not without fault. This allows the anger and disappointment to turn into understanding and forgiveness, even if the situation can not be saved.

As a way of healing this type of wound, life may offer you the opportunity to become involved in a good cause. Sacrificing some of your time and energy will prove very rewarding and will deliver some benefits that are not immediately obvious. This month, your health requires some special attention, particularly your digestive tract. Watch what you eat. Avoid excesses. It is possible that your career is heading for a change of direction, which may be of some concern for you. Look to next month for some insight into that aspect of your life.


Scorpio October 24-November 21

This month gives you a new start in some area of your life, perhaps career, or a some new project or endeavor. This is a month of promise and opportunity. Your energy-level increases, as does your excitement for your new direction. This period requires courage and flexibility. You should also be more verbal: Express your thoughts and feelings; inspire and motivate others to follow your lead. You may have a difficult time relaxing or enjoying yourself outside working hours. But it’s important that you do just that.

 An attraction to someone at work may signal danger to you. Even if you are committed, this attraction will prove quite powerful. Be careful. It may damage your future in many ways, not least of which is your career. Consider postponing any action in this area.

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