Past Life Regression and Self Hypnosis

Past Life Regression-Self-Hypnosis Continuum

It would be nice if you had a complete guide to uncover your past or previous lives. There is about 75% of our population who now believe in the truth about reincarnation. Reincarnation is a very intriguing yet captivating subject matter especially to those people who have had their own experiences to share.

Reincarnating to another Person

Can you really ever believe in reincarnating to another person when you draw your last breath? Well, while some people may believe this magical and mysterious event is really true, there are some who also believe otherwise. Reincarnation is believed to have happened when you know in your very own mind that the particular events you are experiencing right now have actually already happened in the past, or have been there with you before. Surely, these events have been life-changing for them.

Some Believe in Reincarnation, Some Still Do Not

Sometimes, we tend to have recurring dreams in our sleep at night. And while some are attracted to this way of discovery, thereby firmly believing in reincarnation, there are still others who refuse to believe and follow. Most of the time, those who are inclined to believe are the sufferers, those who suffer in having recurrent dreams and the revelations of which, enable them to change their life in a more positive and ideal way!

Past Life Regression, a Spiritual Technique

Truly, past life regression is not just an ordinary event in a person’s life. Past life regression is a spiritual technique to help people empower their own lives, conquer their own fears, and fight their own struggles. Past life regression caters to people who are in dire need of having to learn the various ways of coming across their fears and finding out how best they can reveal or discover their past lives. Even for therapists and psychologists who are there to help the sufferers, this will help them achieve their goals and plans for their lives.

Examples of Problems that Require Past Life Regression

There are some patients who find it so difficult to understand certain events in their lives that they would rather undergo hypnosis to better understand themselves. There are some instances that would make a patient regress to an earlier existence which makes them consider their many non-conforming ideas and beliefs.

Hypnosis Sessions

During the actual session of hypnosis, patients could develop ridges or swelling on their neck as well as her upper chest as the patient recollects the precise events as to how they died or got to their demise. There are also follow-up sessions which are revealing that the patient was better off expressing themselves after hypnosis.

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