Past Life Regression Known Exercises

Past Life Regression Known Exercises

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to travel through time, back to when you were young or even further into your past life? Would you like to find out how you lived before? Do you want a chance to revisit hurtful memories and resolve unfinished businesses by facing what you have long put behind your consciousness? Past life regression (PLR) can take you there and let you experience your previous existence before you were reincarnated to this life.

Keep On Trying
This exercise may or may not take you to your past life or let you linger outside your body. However, it largely depends on the level of your faith that you will see what you want to see or you will see what you really need to see. Remember that it may not happen for you the first time you try it, so keep trying until you finally are able to get it.

Keep an Open Mind about Past Life Regression

Remember, it is always wise to think twice or even more times before doing these exercises. While there are many supporters of past life regression, there are still many aspects to this technique that remains questionable. Other people also share positive experiences with Past Life Regression that may not be the same as yours so make sure that you have an open mind and an open heart before even trying to do it. Or if you are really intent in doing so, you should at least first, seek the help of professional practitioners.

So, what really are the techniques and exercises that your ancestors have not taught you? This has been practiced for so many years and ancient religions have taken this to account, here we give you simple steps that could help you achieve the state of trance needed to explore your past life.

Set Your Expectations

Before finally making up your mind to venture into Past Life Regression, examine yourself, keep your mind open and ask why you want to discover your past life. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much faith do you have in these exercises?
  •  Are you revisiting your past life to heal some of your present wounds?
  •  Are you prepared to know about the pains you may have encountered in the past that may be affecting you today?
  • Are you confident in your ability to control your reactions towards whatever you may find in your past life?
  •  Are you willing to accept whatever consequences the vision you might see could bring you?
  • Do you have the patience to try these multiple times should you fail to do it correctly the first time?

Final Decision for Past Life Regression

When you have answered all these questions already, then the final question you really have to answer before you decide doing Past Life Regression exercises is what is it in PLR that interests you so much you are near to trying it? Make sure it is not plainly out of curiosity that you want to try it. Because believe me, if it were just purely out of curiosity, then do not pursue it anymore.

However, should you believe that you are looking for something deep and more meaningful, then these tips are for you! Here are a few benefits you may obtain should you decide to unlock the hush-hush of your hidden past lives.

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