Tarot and Starsign Elements

This Psychic exercise assists in balancing you wholly and freely. The four Elements represent your activities and yourself. Emotions, such as anger, fear, hatred, love and enjoyment, belong to an individual on the road to Psychic self-development just like anyone else. One aspect of your personality should not dominate any other. So when you come across a situation that requires emotional sensitivity, you can be sensitive; in a situation where other approaches are required, you can also apply yourself. The ability to shift easily and cleanly between different abilities or properties is an important step in understanding your true nature.

Strengthen Your Psychic Traits

If you are a person who tends towards passivity and emotion typical of water starsigns, you may wish to strengthen your fire traits to balance your energies. If you are a very practical person but you wish to sharpen your intellectual skills and become a better communicator, you would activate your air starsign skills to offset your earth starsign personality.

Decide with care which Element, or Elements, you lack. Take your time and try to be as objective as possible about your own nature. Once you have made your decision, find a quiet room in which you will not be disturbed, with a low level of light. This exercise is successfully conducted at night when there is less distraction, when the barrier between the conscious and unconscious minds is reduced.

Take out your deck and choose the suit that you wish to work with. Select four cards which represent the aspects of the abilities within yourself that you want to cultivate. Let your Psychic intuition guide you. Select one court card or Major Arcana card which represents the characteristics you wish to develop. Spread the five cards you have selected in front of you.

Relax your body and your mind, and focus your attention on each card, moving your attention from each card, until you are concentrating on the fifth card in your spread. Focus on all the Tarot cards. Imagine that you are looking at a mirror which shows not your face but aspects of your own inner nature. Concentrate. Let yourself meditate on this for at least 10 minutes.

Identify Your Starsign Elements

Afterwards, try to call to mind the characteristics that you are trying to develop. Wear colours similar to the Element you are working on, eat foods, wear perfumes, or do activities which are related. If you were working with the Fire element, you could wear reds, golds and yellow. Eat spiced foods and red meat, wear warm, rich scents and burn similar incense around your home.

Repeat this practice for one week. If you find yourself uncertain about the abilities you are trying to cultivate, relax and imagine your Psychic inner self illuminated with the colour of the Element and Tarot card you are working with.

Increase Your Psychic Understanding Of The Tarot

Keep a careful note of how well each session of contemplation of the cards has gone, and once the seven-day period is over, allow the work you have done to sink down into your unconscious. By doing this the new programme which your conscious mind has created will act like a Psychic seed implanted in the unconscious and will slowly germinate. Within a month, you should see a definite increase in your abilities and understanding of the Psychic Tarot.

Another exercise involves you examining a card that you don’t fully understand, or you can pick one which you feel could help with understanding a particular problem. Place the card in front of you and spend a while just looking at it. Observe the colours, the expression of the figure (if it has one), and the image as a whole.

Talk to the card. Introduce yourself to the card, and ask it whatever you want, and explain to it how you feel, what you think, how you see it. Try not to be self-conscious. Let your words come naturally, opening up your heart and mind. Do what you feel is right.

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