Tarot Card Elements and You

Select three Tarot cards freely from the deck, one that you like as an image, one which you feel represents you, one that is definitely not you, an image you dislike, or that you feel has no relevance to you or your or you current situation.

Draw Tarot Symbolism

Take three sheets of paper and draw the cards as well as you can, adapting or exaggerating any elements of the Tarot cards’ Psychic symbolism in your drawing. Incorporate yourself into each design. If the cards are court cards or Major Arcana, use your face, hair colour, etc., or use a photograph in the picture. If they are Minor Arcana cards, do the same or incorporate objects which are important to you in the card’s Psychic image.

See What These Psychic Images Say About You

Look at how you have drawn each card. What features of the cards are dominate? Which are subdued? How do you feel about your own features being incorporated into the Tarot cards? In particular, think about how the image looks on the third card which isn’t related to you. Spend time considering the images as though this were a new Tarot pack you had come across. What do these Psychic images say to you, or about you?

This Psychic exercise can help to show that each card in the deck represents an aspect of you. It provides the opportunity to see just what aspects of each card are most important or relevant to you. These will change over time, so try this Psychic exercise again after a month to see the difference.

See Yourself Transform Through Tarot Insights

By doing this, you will discover more about yourself. If you depict yourself as the Death Tarot card, this could lead you to consider just how you see your own death, or rebirth experiences in your life, and your own ability to transform in any situation. By seeing these Psychic powers as being within you, you can use these powers for good to help and aid you, instead of becoming restrictive forces in your life.

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