The Increasing Popularity of Astrology

With the European Renaissance or “age of enlightenment,” astrology once more made an appearance in the western world. The study of astrology and its use in daily life became commonplace.  However, the actual art of astrology and the serious study of the stars was once again lost. In the 1960’ss and 1970’s serious astrologists once more came to light, and more people began to take the study of astrology seriously. This was the beginning of what is known as the New Age movement. The study of occult religions such as Wicca further encouraged the study and use of astrology. More and more people have turned to Wicca and the occult for answers that they feel have not been found in Christianity. In these religions people feel that they have more control over their lives. Astrology is one part o that control. It is used to plan for the future and make decisions in the present. Read more

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