The Tarot and Psychic Intuition Past Present and Future

Much of your personality rests upon past experience. Examining the past can provide useful information on how you act in the present. There is no way of changing your past, but it is possible to look back with objectivity at your history. The following Psychic exercise can give you the chance to look back into your own past and to see important or difficult events in your life from a new perspective.

Take your Psychic Tarot deck and hold it in your hands. Count backwards, through your life as if it where a clock, until you reach the point in your life that you want to revisit. Then shuffle the tarot cards, and lay them out in three lines.

• Line 1 represents the outward situation.

• Line 2 represents you and your own feelings and ideas.

• Line 3 represents other players or characters in the situation.

Look at the Tarot cards, don’t analyze or think, but let your feelings and Psychic intuition work for you. You may feel that the left-hand side of line 1 shows the beginning of the situation and the last card in that line the conclusion of the situation.

Relate The Tarot To Your Current Situation

As well as looking at the Tarot cards as lines across, look at the downward lines formed by the cards in the three lines. Spend at least 15 minutes looking at the spread you have developed. How do the lines all interact with each other, and relate to your current situation?

Use Your Psychic Intuition To Peek Into Your Future

If this were a Psychic divination about the future, how would you handle the situation? Would your actions be different and if so in what way? This is not to say that you shouldn’t daydream, or plan for the future, or analyse the past in order to help yourself. But your Psychic intuition is a product of the now. It may provide a peek into the future, and as you are present in the now, you probably are going to get the message.

Commit To Living More In The Moment

Based on your intuition, make a commitment to living more in the moment. As you go about your daily affairs, give them your total attention. You probably will be surprised at how much time you spend doing things you do not want to do, but feel obligated to do, or how much time you waste out of laziness or lack of focus.

Review Your Past To Live More Positively In The Future

When you realise how precious the moment is, you will be more careful about how you spend your time, and will feel better about yourself. Being centred, and in the moment creates conditions in which intuition can flourish. Using your Psychic intuition and the Tarot to review your past, can influence and benefit you positively in the present and in your future.

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