The Tarot and Psychic Self Development

As you begin your journey and take your first steps towards developing your intuitive side to channel it through the divinatory processes of the Tarot, relaxation and contemplation are essential aspects that you will employ when learning the Tarot for psychic readings and self-development. Relaxing the mind and body frees the consciousness so that you can use one or more Tarot images to concentrate upon.

Develop Your Psychic Intuition

Learning about yourself is as important as learning the meanings of the Tarot cards themselves, through your own understanding comes self empowerment and the ability to read the Psychic Tarot accurately to help others find the answers and psychic insight into their issues and concerns.

Relax and Focus Your Psychic Energies
To start the relaxation process, choose a suitable time and place for you. You will need to a find time when you will not be disturbed, and are free from distractions. Moderate lighting and loose clothing will aid and enhance your ability to focus your energies, and soft, ambient music and incense will aid in your concentration.

Avoid eating or drinking for at least an hour before undertaking these techniques, as you may feel sleepy due to your body digesting food and drink, drawing vital energy away from you when needed most.

Unlocking The Tarot and Its Psychic Secrets

Relaxation is the first step towards developing the right receptiveness for understanding the Tarot and unlocking its Psychic secrets. You will need to adopt a position in which your body is composed, such as seated on a chair, legs together and feet resting flat on the ground. Your head should be upright, hands resting on your lap. An alternative position is lying down, with your legs together and arms by your sides, hands palms upward. Either way, your spine should be straight, maintaining its natural shape without undue curvature or tension.

Tarot Secrets Will Improve Your Concentration

Breathing plays an important role in relaxing your body and mind and improving concentration. Sit or lie in the position you have chosen, and regulate your breathing. A slow, deep and rhythmic breath pattern is essential. Focus your attention in particular, on your breathing. Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth; counting as you breath in and out.

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