TheTarot-It’s Psychic Symbolism and Concepts

As you become more familiar with your Tarot deck, look at the Psychic symbolism and concepts represented by the deck outside of yourself.

Spend one week looking at the outside world through the Psychic medium of the Tarot. Look at strangers. What card or elemental qualities do they appear to have? Watch television or relate the cards to events taking place. Which aspects within the Tarot are reminiscent of these things? See how you can apply the Psychic symbolism of the Tarot to your daily life.

Tarot Affirmations

By implementing affirmations through the Tarot, you can improve your ability to do something and your desire to attain certain goals.

Take a sheet of paper, and draw a large circle on it. Divide the circle up into sections. These represent major areas in your life which you would like to improve or develop, with a brief description written in pencil, to act as an affirmation.

The Tarot and Psychic Symbols

Take your Tarot deck and place cards around the circle next to the sector it relates to. If the sector relates to relationships, place a cup card next to it, if it relates to career, place a wand card next to it, if it relates to thought or stress, place a sword next to it, if it relates to money or security place a disk or pentacle card next to it. Draw in one symbol from the card into each sector.

If you have chosen the two of wands for the sector marked ‘work’, you could draw a wand in that sector. You now have a circle divided into a series of units and in each unit is a symbol the area of your life that you wish to improve.

Tarot Symbolism and Your Subconscious

Rub the words off your circle, to let these Psychic symbols drift into your unconscious. Hang up the paper in a prominent part of your home so that every day you see it, and even if you do not consciously acknowledge it, the intention which you have filled it with will emerge in your unconscious mind.

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