Understanding Present Life Relationships Through Past Life Regression

Your current partner may well be someone that you knew or lived with during a previous lifetime, so a former strong emotional connection or Karmic debt can often draw two past souls together in the present time. Past soul-mate connections can also occur when it is time to develop or rejuvenate a former gift, talent or pathway from a previous life. So by exploring past life relationships, through past life regressions and discovering these connections to the present time, it can help to enrich and appreciate your current relationships with those around you.

Strong emotional ties are often found in families and close personal friends, and this type of emotional bond can often transcend our everyday existence, so it is not unusual for relatives to have lived many lives together over time. Age and gender may differ, but the emotional bond and positive energies that are generated remain the same.

The term soulmate is often interpreted as meaning or indicating a strong and lasting romantic connection and bond between two people. This bond however, is not always harmonious, it can develop into a negative nature in a past life, and if these energies are not resolved and reconciled during that time, then they will need to be dealt with and improved in the soul-mates future life.

Bad or negative energy or deeds of a hurtful or evil nature can incur Karmic debt, can often affect souls connecting again in a future life. So the individual souls may need to resolve their respective issues, without coming together to do so. If the relationship was a filmy established one that ran into difficulty, then these souls can reunite to work on any negativity carried over from past lives.

If the past life relationship resulted in a difficult and hurtful breakup, and the result is that both or one partner felt malice or ill will towards their former partner, the you may both come together again in a future relationship to try and work things out.

Groups of souls will often reunite to progress towards common goals. The reason may be to develop artistically or often spiritually. They will compliment each other, in reaching their goals, and souls are often drawn back together by strong emotional ties or bonds.

These emotions may be positive or negative, with the origins of these feelings being from a past life or lives. If you and your partner were together in a past life, then the feelings that you have for each other now may stem from past life suspicions about one another, so these could be influencing your current relationship, so understanding the source of these energies can help to improve your present day relationship.

It is quite likely that you have lived a past life with someone that you already know. Past issues not only in your present life but also in past lives, can have a significant effect on the future and happiness of your current relationship. Understanding your past life connections with your partner and those around you can greatly help to bring harmony and understanding into your life, and avoid repeating past patterns or mistakes, as well as resolving issues over Karmic debt.

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