Understanding Yourself Through The Tarot

Select six cards from your deck, three deliberately, and the rest through free choice. Look at the first Tarot card, and write down, a colour, an emotion an idea, and a point in your life. Work by intuition, letting the unconscious provide answers, not the logic of the conscious mind. If you feel the Ace of Wands is a ‘blue’ card, write it down. Work through the cards until you have four Psychic responses from each card. Now, letting logic back into the process, look at your answers. What do they tell you about yourself?

Learning More Tarot Insights

This Psychic exercise will only work if you allow impressions to flow from your unconscious mind. This will form the basis of the skills necessary for divinatory use of the Tarot, and this exercise will help you if you want to learn more about this subject.

Use Your Tarot Card As Inspiration For Your Psychic Development

Select any Tarot card from your deck. Look at it and begin to develop a story using the card as your Psychic inspiration. Use the card’s imagery, or your feelings. If you pick up the High Priestess card you might say, “This is a lady of mystery, holding the key to Psychic intiution and divinatory power”

Continue Your Psychic Journey With the Next Tarot Card

When you have got as much as you can from the first card, select the next card and continue your Psychic journey. Use as many cards as you like, until you reach a natural conclusion. When you have finished, recall your story. Imagine that the story is new to you, a legend from another time or space. Is there an underlying point within it? Is there any repetition of words or images? What does the story tell you about you, the story-teller, or the culture that you come from?

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